We strongly recommend you call your insurance company to determine if there is coverage for a routine eye exam under your policy.




Insurance for eye examinations can be broken down into one of two types of insurance, health and vision:

Health care insurance may cover eyecare when there is a medical condition present, such as cataract, red eye, dry eye, floaters, glaucoma, diabetes, etc.  The refraction, or determination of a prescription for glasses, is not always covered under these plans.

Vision insurance covers routine eye examinations and sometimes glasses or contact lenses depending on the policy.



Accepted Insurance Plans

We accept many insurance plans at North Cincinnati Eyecare, including most, but not all Aetna, Anthem, Eyemed (Access, Insight and Aetna Vision Plans), Humana, VSP, Medicare and United Healthcare plans.  While we attempt to verify each patients benefits prior to rendering services, it is strongly advised to verify your own benefits and providers. 

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have at      (513) 522-0035.