Contact Lens Examination


Our doctors pride themselves on being accomplished at fitting nearly anyone who is interested in contact lenses.  Regardless of whether it is your first time wearing contact lenses or you are simply dissatisfied with your current contact lenses, we are experienced in maximizing vision, comfort, and wearing time for our patients. 

We offer the most current technology in contact lens fitting including CRT (corneal refractive therapy), RGP (gas-permeable) and soft contact lenses.  Whether you need correction for myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia or presbyopia, there is likely a contact lens that will work for you. 

For new patients, the contact lens fitting process begins with the determination of glasses prescription followed by a measurement of the curvature of the front surface of the eye.  The doctor will then determine which type of lens will work best for the patient based upon these measurements and the patients' wearing goals.  The lenses are then inserted into the eye by the doctor and the initial fit of the lens is assessed.  The patient is educated on the proper wearing schedule and trained on how to insert and remove the contact lenses.  Most patients are able to leave wearing contact lenses the same day they come in for the initial fitting.  A follow-up visit is generally scheduled for one to two weeks later in order to assess the vision and fit of the new contact lenses.  The wide array of availiable contact lenses provides us with the ability to find a type of lens that works for nearly every patient and lifestyle. 

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